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JAA Board offers reassurance

Further to recent industry posts on social media, the JAA would like to assure all members and the industry as a whole that, as a Board, the JAA has never discussed or thought about 'taking over' the industry. Rather, our discussions have focused on striving for a more cohesive industry. A so-called federation has been tabled many times in our industry over the last 20 years and is nothing new. However, it is just an idea that many in the industry have had. It is not, and should not be characterised as, a 'takeover' or a planned authoritarian regime, as implied on some social media.

As members of the JAA board, we accept our position as volunteers seriously and respect the confidentiality agreement we undertake. We understand our responsibilities to the industry, our members, and the behaviour we must follow as part of a not-for-profit organisation.

Recently, there was a change in leadership on the JAA Board. Despite what has been suggested in a social media post, this had nothing to do with a Board 'coup'.

It is never easy being on a board; it is a voluntary position and often the hours given are never acknowledged. The JAA Board, as we assume is the case for all the associations within the industry, only want the best for the jewellery industry as a whole and would only promote harmony between each other. We will, as we have always, welcome discussions with other industry bodies as well as listening to ongoing concerns and feedback from our members and industry.

The JAA wishes everyone a successful Christmas trading period and looks forward to a successful and prosperous 2023.

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