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The loss of a sentimental piece of jewellery can be an emotionally taxing experience, especially if you lost the piece through theft or a break-in. If you experience a jewellery loss, there are steps you can take to try and recover your items and keep you precious jewels safer in the future. 

Notify us of a jewellery theft or loss and we will post it on our website. Please note we only list items lost or stolen in the previous 6 months.



  1.  Identify the last place you remember wearing your jewellery. Re-trace your steps to possible locations.
  2. Collate all documentation relating to jewellery item including, valuations, diamond grading certificates, receipts and photos.
  3. Report the lost or stolen item to your local police station as soon as possible. Be sure to write down the police report number and contact details of the person you spoke to.
  4. Submit a stolen and lost notification via the form to the right. Be sure to include as much information as possible, especially photos and diamond laser inscription details. 

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